About us

A Love of Nature and Cozy Comfortable Lives

Original synthetic lacquerware in a large variety of color variations and tableware and chopsticks for children… Asahikoyo Co., Ltd. has developed various tableware products via the use of Japanese lacquer techniques. We have incorporated the concept of “A Love of Nature and Cozy Comfortable Lives” into the catchword “PICNIC&HOME” with the aim of creating materials that are eco-friendly but also realize cozy and easy-to-use designs. We also have a rich depth of know-how in developing products that are made specifically for business customers, including tableware intended for use in restaurants, novelty goods, and other sundry goods that include picnic sheets and lunch tort bags, and hence we can meet various customer needs.

Our Strengths

Asahikoyo Co., Ltd. has a recycling program through which materials from PET bottles that are used daily by people are recycled in then producing beautiful bowls via a mold injection process that utilizes our original molds. Each of the bowls is finished as a synthetic lacquerware that makes the most of traditional Japanese lacquer techniques. The lacquer coating not only looks beautiful but also makes the bowls more robust and tolerable when they are heated in a dishwasher or microwave.
All of our tableware products are produced in domestic factories under strict quality control.

Company Profle

Company Name ASAHIKOYO Co., Ltd.
Location Head Office
1-9-12 Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0004
Tel: +81-3-5769-0205

Delivery Center
304-188 Oroshicho, Toki-shi, Gifu-ken 509-5202
Established in 18 January 1975
Business Product planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of chopsticks and lacquerware
product planning and sales of pottery
Product planning, development and sales of leisure goods
Product planning, sales, and OEM orders for character goods
Contact us info@asahikoyo.co.jp